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About Us

We are a company designing, manufacturing and marketing of EMC/EMI/RFI Filters and Embedded System products such as RFID, Biometric Electronic Attendance Systems.

Our company was incorporated in 1980. Initially, we started with manufacturing of Electronic products for end users, but soon entered the field of Electro Magnetic Compliance.

In 1987, we developed our first line of EMC/EMI/RFI power line interference filters. This innovation meant that our customers could replace many individual components involved in power entry with a single multifunction unit. Since then, we are assisting our esteemed customers, to cater to all their complex requirements for Electro Magnetic Compliance(EMC), with more features, and combinations of EMC/EMI/RFI power line filters.


We have developed one of the largest range of EMI/RFI Filters in India, with currents ranging from 1A to 800A in both single as well as three phase applications. The company today produces world class EMI / RFI filters both regular and customised for companies not only in India, but also countries such as U.S.A and China. The manufacturing facilities are based in the western suburbs of Mumbai, India.


In view of growing requirements of automation in Industries, we started the development of Embedded systems and computer software in 2008, and launched our first Embedded system product, RFID(Radio Frequency ID) based E-Attendance system.  With increasing requirements of better human resource management, we developed various models of attendance systems based on Biometric Fingerprint,  including models with facility to send SMS to predefined mobile numbers.


We employ the latest technologies, to enable us to provide our esteemed customers with the best quality products, with a commitment to both quality and cost control. Our vision and commitment to quality and having satisfied customers, has taken us much ahead in becoming a leader, and being our customers preferred service provider.

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